I’ve been dreading filling out this page.  How can I tell you who I am if I’m not even really sure myself?  I know who I was, and I know who I hope to be, but who I am? No clue.  So we’ll start small.

I’m a first-time mom who is finding this whole motherhood thing quite difficult.

I’m a self-critical perfectionist which is probably what’s causing my previous statement.

As a result of those two things, I am being treated for post-partum anxiety.

My daughter has the bluest eyes and the cutest chunky thighs I’ve ever seen (don’t try to fight me on this one).

I like cupcakes and reading and the sound of birds chirping and going for walks and Target and bad reality TV and laughing and ice cream and scarves and a capella groups and pumpkin-scented candles.

I miss caffeine and lazy Sundays and margaritas and eating in actual restaurants and working and being responsible only for myself.

I started this blog to give voice to moms who feel that they have been silenced.  Silenced by well-wishers who tell them to “enjoy every moment.”  Silenced by media that depicts motherhood as nothing but a joyful experience.  Silenced by society who expects moms to do it all with a smile, who becomes uncomfortable when faced with truth, who makes moms who find motherhood a true struggle feel inadequate, shameful, and wrong.  I started this blog for me.  And I will continue to write for you.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Keep reading.  Hopefully I’ll figure it out!


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